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When it comes to the environment, then it is your responsibility to keep it protected and safe. For this, you can use the folding bikes and these are environment-friendly and these are beneficial for the people who move daily from one place to another. These are very portable and have the compact shape and you can fold it according to the size whatever you needed. These do not occupy a large space and can be kept in a very little space and you can carry these anywhere like in the restaurants, buildings, workplaces or at any other place. When you will compare these with the motor vehicles, then you will find that you are not being stuck in the traffic and moving faster than those. Now-a-days, these are available in the different size and forms. These provide you a peace of mind as you do not to worry that these will be theft. If you want to Buy Online Folding Bike, then there are so many companies available on the internet.

Origami Bicycle Company, LLC

All you need to do is to choose the best one for you. Among all, one of the leading company is “Origami Bicycle Company, LLC” and our company is a small startup of folding bikes. We have been serving in the Richmond, Virginia since 2011. You will get the following products such as mantis, cricket, dragon, gazelle, accessories, luggage and trailers, Bicycle Travel Case solutions and so many other products. We have the mission that we want to provide the affordable, convenient and useful biking options to each and every customer. You will find the passionate staff members who are dedicated to offer you the best solution and also provide the excellent service. If you want to Buy Bicycle Suitcase, then you can place your order online.


Origami Bicycle Co. Is your Finest Folding Bicycle Company of all Time


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Bicycle usage is the finest way to enrich the value of your rides. You do not have to invest a lot of money for its functions, which helps you to save some of your hard-earned money. Keeping money aside for fuel or petrol is not needed, when you are using a bicycle. Now, the reliable Folding Bicycle Company, which is us, at Origami Bicycle Co., you do not have to think about easy transportation of your bicycles. We know present folded bicycle, just for you.

Folding Bike

In case, you are currently looking for easy transportation of your cycle; you can rely on us. We will offer you with the flexible usage of your cycle. So, now, if you need to travel somewhere else, and want to carry your cycle with you, you are most welcome to take help of our folded cycles. We even provide you with a simple and easy to carry Bicycle Travel Case, which is hard for you to miss. These cases will help in accentuating the value of your cycle more.

The best part is that even if you fold the bicycles more than once or uses it on a rough basis; still the Folding Bike will be as good as new. You do not have to think about degrading the quality of the bike, once you have started using it. The items are tested for their quality first, before producing the result. That makes it all the more durable. So, give us a call, and let us help you with the best quality bikes of all time.

Buy Online Folding Bike from us at Origami Bicycle Co.


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These days, you will hardly find a person without a bicycle. These are some of the best ways to move to a new location, and without costing you a single penny. For other vehicles like car or truck, you have to spend money for petrol or diesel. But, when it comes to bicycle, you just need to paddle to get to your destination. Whether it’s in the park or for catching up a movie with your friends, now, you can Buy Online Folding Bike from us, at Origami Bicycle Co. It is the new invention in the kitty, and is already ravishing the market.

Lightweight Folding Bike

Well, we are proud to present you with Lightweight Folding Bike, which is meant for saving your space. Sometimes, after riding a bicycle back home, you hardly have any space to keep it. And keeping the product outside is not safe and more prone to theft. During such instances, if you can just fold your bike into pieces, then it will take less space. This has been the idea and concept behind our folding bikes and more and more people are buying these products from us now.

There are so many other features, which are related to Folding Bicycles. Well, you can easily fold the bike for saving space, making it a great item during space crunch situations. Not only that, but the items are extremely light in weight. So, you can carry it off easily to another location, without finding it difficult. Call us to know more.

Enjoy your vacations and show off with portable folding cycles and bikes


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Many people want a folding bike to make their commute a bit easier. When your bike folds up, it makes it easier to use public transportation and also becomes more secure for your bike. It protects you to be stolen out of your site as easily. You have to make sure you find out a bicycle that is big enough for you to use. If you are small or tall, you have to make sure you find a larger model else you won’t fit on the cycle at all. You have to be sure to find folding bicycle.

Origami Bicycle Company

At the time of purchasing the Folding bicycle make sure you find a bike with minimal switches on it to fold up the bike. Some bikes and cycles have two or more than two things to fold the bike up. Others have seven or more that you have to adjust while folding the bike. You should choose fewer joints to save your time. Folding bikes are portable and easily can be kept anywhere by you.

Folding bikes

Whenever you go outside and need a bicycle there, you are not able to get it at the moment. You had to pay a huge rent or a charge. If the bike is made portable, you can easily keep it on your vacations as well as the places where you could not ride it. You have to Buy bicycle travel case to keep your bike at the place where it was not possible before. It helps you in many ways and you can also show off upon your friends.

Purchase the best quality bicycle travel case from the right company

In the present scenario, most of the individuals prefer using the bicycle to travel from one location to another. It has now become the first choice of individuals to enjoy a safe and convenient journey. People use a bicycle because it is beneficial in several ways. The best thing about Travel Bike is that its eco friendly and it helps in keeping the environment pollution free.

This is the perfect mode of transportation for those who are suffering from obesity problem and want to reduce their weight. They can take a ride of it daily to cut the extra fat from their body and maintain a good shape. Apart from these, there are many more benefits what people can get by using a bicycle to travel daily. If a person is thinking about purchasing an eco-friendly bike, then he or she contact at Origami Bicycle Company, LLC.

Our small startup folding bike company is situated in Richmond, Virginia to offer the best to the customers. We have a wide range of bicycles that can be seen on our website. A person can visit our store personally also if he or she wants. We have eco friendly bikes for everyone. We have bicycle travel case along with various other products. Thus, if an individual needs anything from derailleur guard, headlight, bottle cage, water bottle, seat cover, trailer kit, folding pedals and suitcase, etc., then he or she can contact with us.

Buy Top-Notch Bicycle Trailer From A Reputed Online Store

Purchasing Bicycle trailer is one of the best decisions, especially if you have a kid because it can offer you many benefits. As a parent, you are with no doubt have serious concern to make your kid’s traveling safe when you take his or her with you on the ride. It not only support you to travel around the town with your baby conveniently, but also provide your baby complete safety and adequate space to sit and move. Moreover, if you need to carry heavy luggage from one place to another, then also these cycle trailers are very beneficial for you. You can easily take heavy luggage from one place to another in these bicycles. It does not matter where are you going on a picnic or for a shopping, you can effortlessly take your kids along with you.

Even, you can use these trailers to keep your luggage. So, if you are wondering from where to purchase them, then you can purchase them Origami Bicycle Company, LLC.

We are one of the leading online store from where you can purchase excellent quality trailers at the lowest and the best possible rates. The best thing is that all our devices are lightweight and equipped with advance features. Moreover, we give two weeks trial duration to all our customers so that they will make a purchase only when they become completely satisfied with their choice. Whether you need simple Travel bike or you need advanced feature bike, you can purchase it from our online shop without any hassle. So be hurry, navigate our portal, make a search and place your order now.

Lightweight folding bike a most comfortable vehicle in world

If you want to travel for short distance with the best vehicle in the world that is available through online. The bikes yes, those are very lightweight and anywhere it can cover short distance in few minutes. If you are not interested buying new motorcycle then of course there are various other options available while you can go to second hand bike whereas, buying new design bike are also great beneficial for you. But be motorcycle while buying new design bike even, you should each and everything in your new design motorcycle purchasing then it makes you right choice.

As you don’t have proper idea about new design bike then better to go with the motorcycle agents that can provide you right information what to choose in new design bike exactly. But the main problem is about the Buy online folding bike but that is quite easy to transport the new design bike simply to your place. You have to contact with the best motorcycle shipment service provider and with the help of them your bike can be quickly sent to your premises. There is no extra budget or charges taken whereas, you can get motorcycle importation services at affordable prices only.

If you want to buy a bike from online so only choose the fabulous designs of Lightweight folding bike that will completely assist you to bring in your bike at your destination without getting into any difficulty.

Have A Wonderful Riding Experience By Purchasing Bicycle Suitcase


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Presently, purchasing folding bikes has become a latest trend amongst the people because they come with great features. Being environment-friendly, they also play a significant role in energy conservation. They are a great investment for everybody because these bikes can be easily transported and stored. The great thing about them is that they are lightweight, compact and fully functional and therefore, you can carry them in an easy manner. Moreover, they can fit under a desk, in a closet or next to a train, bus or even, car. If you are looking for a profound company to Buy bicycle suitcase, then you can approach Origami Bicycle Company. Our company was formed by Paul Pinigis in the year 2011 with a mission to offer affordable, convenient and useful biking option to all the customers.
Online cycleAll of our bike are well engineered and come with added benefits such as easy storage and transportation. By purchasing our products, you can have a great riding experience. To all the customers, we also offer great customer service. Whether you want to purchase dragonfly, crane, Mantis, Gazelle or Cricket, you can easily shop from us at great prices. We know very well that most of the people are reluctant to Buy bicycle travel case from online. Therefore, we bring an exclusive offer for them to take a test ride up to two weeks. If you are not satisfied, then you can return it within two weeks. So, why delay? Just contact us today to buy them. know more detail:

Buy Travel Bike To Have A Cost-Effective Journey


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If you want to stay fit and make your journey a cost-effective one, then you should try to find some remedy for it. The bicycle is the best equipment which can help to make your muscles strong and in this way, you will stay healthy. A car can cost you many bucks, and you need to spend lots of money on it, but if you are in a search for a cost effective way, then you can opt for the bicycle.

The Right Bike

If you are planning to opt for a cycle for the long run, then you can choose travel bike. These types of bikes have stronger and broader wheels and are built with strong gears. If you are living in the valley are, or you have traffic around your locality, then you have to opt for this kind of bike. So buy it to make your journey a splendid one. The pedaling of the cycle also helps you to stay fit.

The Various Purposes

When it is not just about traveling, but you have to take care of your health, and you have to look for the right one to ride in the bicycle trailer Riding on it will help to improve your health. To choose the best cycle, you have to go through the website of the top bicycle providers, then you have to select the right one for you. You can take the expert advice before you can buy the product for yourself. So choose the right product and make your journey a safe one.

Shop Lightweight Folding Bikes Online At Great Prices

Folding bikes are quite famous nowadays. They are perfect for riders who are looking forward to great outdoor adventure. They are easy to carry, convenient and practical. Almost everyone wants a mean of transportation that would allow them to commute in a hassle-free manner. This is where folding cycles come into the mind. Folding cycles are light in weight and offer great outdoor adventure. When it comes to purchasing these bikes, you can go online.

Many online companies offer high quality folding cycles at high attractive rates. In addition to this, you can also purchase its related accessories online. Origami Bicycle Company, LLC is the one stop destination to Buy online folding bike. We offer lightweight folding bicycles at reasonable rates. Our company was founded in the year 2011 by a professional engineer. He is a professional expert who has a passion to make life better, more convenient and fun. We carry a stunning collection of bikes and related accessories like headlight, water bottle, derailleur guard, seat cover, suitcase, bottle cage, trailer kit, carry bag, folding pedals, helmets, undersea bag, baseball cap, multi-tool, and many more.

We are the reliable company from where you can purchase Folding bicycles at highly affordable rates. All the products come with a one-year warranty, unlimited mileage and money back guarantee. We are committed to providing top quality products and unmatched customer service. Come to us and place your order online. We will deliver your order at your footstep within a short time period.