Since childhood, my dream is to cycle a bicycle which is safe and convenient. Furthermore, I want to purchase a bicycle which is convenient to store as well. Therefore, folding bikes is my new passion and I am just happy with the results. It was like my dream come when I purchased its bike from Origami Bicycle Company.

This company is simply the best and knows how to cater the requirements of their clients. Till now they fulfil all their promises and that is their plus point. Their bicycle’s innovation design is designed to amaze and ponder the people.

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There is no doubt, that all their bicycles are engineered to deliver the function of conventional bicycles, with the extra advantage of the ability to fold along with it bicycle travel case for easy transportation and storage. Twenty-inch wheels minimize the dimensions of the bike when folded, and provide incredible manoeuvrability and stability while allowing you to conquer any terrain. They have designed these folding bicycles from the wheels up with superior components for smooth shifting, firm braking and a comfortable upright riding position. You can always use your Origami bicycle’s folding ability to take it anywhere with ease. Origami folding bicycles take riding convenience to the next level.

They believe that folding bikes cater to all situations; therefore, they offer several options. They take the time to consider your demands and craft an innovative design that provides convenient transportation for a lifestyle on the move. You will never need to wrestle with a bike rack again!