The crazy bikers will now be glad to know that ‘Origami Bicycle Co.’ has now brought to you the best of Lightweight folding bike options for you, which will take your biking experience to the next level. The company came into existence by the thought process of improving the bike ride experience for one and all. We understand that the comfort is of prior importance to you, when you look for a bicycle, also storing them can be a problem many times. Therefore, giving consideration to all these needs, we have designed our products in such a manner, that they are fast, reliable and compact. We will also provide you with a selective Bicycle travel case so that at the time of need, you can easily carry it with you wherever you want to.
Still thinking over that why you should choose us? Let us help you in briefing that:
1.    Each and every component is designed to give you a smooth and seamless experience in the roads, you get a comfortable upright position to sit and standard quality brakes, which work firmly.
2.    You do not need a special place to rack up your bicycle, it is easily foldable and is of compact size.
3.    The small size of the wheels, lets you conquer the risks in any terrain due to its incredible maneuverability and a stable form.
4.    The bikes are designed to give conventional experience, also, they are easily portable.
Do not wait, make your smooth biking dreams come true with us. If at all we do not meet your expectations, you can follow an easy 15 day return policy, where you get all your money back for the product, with no questions asked. know more